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Dwarka L Zone Consultants and Its Successful Milestones
One of the leading real estate consultants in India is none other than Dwarka L Zone Consultants. It has a number of leading accomplishments, which is known to all the residents of the locality.

The development of Delhi and the land pooling scheme
Delhi is developing to be one of the leading cities for residential areas. A number of reasons are responsible. To tackle the lack of land and residential area, the government came up with a lucrative land pooling scheme to benefit the farmers, as well as the real estates.

One of the cities, which has shown a rapid increase in population in the last few years in Delhi. Moreover, it is expected that the population will increase further in the next few years, in spite of its extreme climatic conditions. A number of reasons or causes can be cited for the rapid growth of the population in the city. A few of the leading causes:

  • It is the capital city of India, and thus, the city offers a lot of facilities to the residents of the city.
  • The rapid growth of corporate sectors and employment opportunities is another big cause of the rapid increase in population in the city.
  • The city is centrally located, giving the city, easy access from other parts of the country, and vice versa.

Land requirement:
As the population is increasing rapidly, it is quite necessary to provide accommodations to the new residents of the city. Thus, a number of housing societies are coming up to support the rapid growth of population in the city, under DDA Master Plan Delhi 2021, popularly known as DDA MPD 2021.

Land Pooling:
To back up the situation the government came with a new land acquisition scheme, which is called land pulling. In the scheme, both the farmers, as well as the real estate tycoons will be benefited. The scheme is quite simple. The land from the willing farmers will be taken and they will be offered an option to be the partner of the real estate developers. In case they are not happy with the offer, they will be offered money or a piece of the residential area in the leading areas of the city. It will help the real estate developers to start working on the lack of residential areas in the city.

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